Precedent studies week

My main focus last week was to find precedent studies that are related to my project, they are such as:

1. To find bonding material that can solidify shingles in Dungeness. (for underground structure purpose)
Precedent: Turning dunes into architecture, Magnus Larsson
Outcome: To use resin as my proposed bonding substrate.
Feedback: Do experiments to test resin on soil/shingle. Study the comparison using different materials: clay, plaster of paris, etc.



2. To study the significant element implemented in animal-habitat-inspired architecture

Precedent: Perforated Brick House, Termite Pavilion
Outcome: The ventilation in termite’s mound is effective due to the presence of multiple inlets and outlets in their tunnels. A termite mound is functioning like a breathing lung, it can be implemented into architecture as a kind of spatial experience.




3. To compare different scales of habitats. Insect mound x Animal burrow x Underground city
Precedent: Underground city in Cappadocia, Turkey.
Outcome: The precedent was not too helpful. The underground city was built on solid rock surface which is different compared to the Dungeness’s shingle ground.


Besides than doing precedent studies, I did a 2D model of animal burrow as a testing of my portfolio format (negative cut-out).scan0001
-Not too successful. The model is not informative and it looks the same as the drawing I did last week.
-It should have included the research / information that I studied from book , documentary program. (Eg. Features of different types of burrows)
-Human appear to be placed randomly in the negative space, need more specific reason to have the animal and human coexistence concept.
-Refer to the discussion from past tutorial about the idea of visitor center inspired by Salina Turda.
-Portfolio suggestion: Layering of cut out pages to show the formation of a burrow.

To do list:
-Translate precedent studies / research into drawings.
-Material testing to develop technology drawing (experiment of resin on soil/shingle). This underground structure could be developed as a low-tech version of subway/tube tunnel.
-To propose a program to the project. (Focus of the project)
-Extra: Study this book to get inspiration for the program.

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