How to Build an Island?

In parallel to the Island books I have been putting together details of how one might construct an island, be it through land reclamation or salvaging of North sea oil rigs. 161109_tech_report 161109_tech_report13 161109_tech_report17 161109_tech_report18 161109_tech_report19 161109_tech_report20 161109_tech_report21 161109_tech_report22 161109_tech_report23 161109_tech_report24 161109_tech_report26 161109_tech_report27 161109_tech_report34

As well as a the book I am developing a technical drawing, showing the process of making the islands, the start of the drawing is below, showing 4 main points in time from which details will be taken and redrawn to show an understanding of the process.


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