Magnetic Field – Electromagnet – Heat

Week 8 – Possibilities of converting Electromagnet to Heat

Attempt to combine 2 different circuits together in order to produce a device that emits heat in order to enable it to serve as a protective perimeter for the human being.


Device in Progress


Coil is supposed to produce electromagnetism followed by heat when iron is inserted within.

Comments from tutorial

  • Too technical to be brought forward

Suggestions to improve:

  • To check back to initial concept
  • Start with visualizing existing energy in Dungeness
  • Progress to modify the existing architecture with invisible energy instead of attempting to create a barrier.
  • Accept energy to help shape the built environment
  • Find out how the energy moves within the landscape and work on ways to intervent with it.
  • work on how the architecture informs of the energy on site, how architecture could be shaped by the invisible energy


Post Tutorial research:

Several possibilities to bring forward the work is thought of.

  • Increase control and deployment of material energy to define geographic boundaries
  • possibility to work on sensory sensitivity of the human body to detect and recognize those edges formed by material energy. A combination of human body’s interaction and sensing a new set of boundary type.
  • Define architecture through the act of mediation which tempers the energies that make up the environmental context rather than making boundaries.
  • Work on information about pulses of microwave radiation that could be projected at wide angle.

I realize that my initial information gathered that led me to electromagnet was actually the presence of magnetic field within the site which is affected by the soil content, soil depth, moisture as well as elements on the surface. As shown in the diagram below.


Therefore I thought of developing on responsive architecture from magnetic field.

I could work with magnetic field that controls the flow of heat, and towards building spaces. Followed by creating microclimate with responsive architecture that interact with invinsible energies. What do you think?


To do list

  • Identify energy pockets (refine existing drawing)
  • Explanation to energy existence in Dungeness (refine existing drawing)
  • wave of energy that affects the site (event-like drawing)
  • Drawings to explain Heat control within magnetic field
  • Diagrams to explain possibilites of electromagnet within microclimate under existing architecture
  • Drawings to explain possibility of creating microclimate with controlled heat. (water vapour that create mist? creat space? just a thought, do let me know what you think)


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