Cross-Crit Tutorial- Feedback

The most current piece of work shown in the cross- crit tutorial was this work in progress drawing of Derek Jarman’s house. I have modelled the house and have begun to add the material textures. The next step will be to analyse the rate of  decay of each material and to add this to the drawing and to show how the voids within the house become more visible as the materials deteriorate.



Cross- crit Tutorial Feedback:

Key words: Vision, perspective, decay, opportunity, chance, accidental spaces, voids, scale, Redstart, Derek Jarman

  • The main point of feedback was that if I hadn’t had mentioned that this drawing was about decay then no one would have known this- it is currently very neat and regular. The next step is to analyse the process of decay within the drawing and to transform this drawing into a timeline- think about the best format to show this. I could begin an exploded drawing showing the peeling of the paintwork and the oxidising of the metal etc. The vision of decay need to become clearer through the mode of representation.
  • I found this tutorial very useful in that it helped me to define the most important elements of the project and to understand how best to communicate this. When asked to define what my project was about I said that it was about vision and finding opportunity in accidental spaces. However maybe this wasn’t clear throughout my presentation because I was mainly talking about voids. As a result of this discussion it became clear that my project is about vision, but in particular a shift in perspective between the bird and Derek Jarman. For example the bird may perceive a void within a ruin as an opportunity where as from Jarman’s perspective a void is of no use to him. I need to visualise this shift in perspective within my portfolio to help me understand what opportunities are missed by each species.
  • The concept of scale also fits nicely into this understanding of a shift in perspective. Opportunites and chances are interpreted differently at different scales. How can my experiments and drawings challenge this?
  • Another important point of feedback was to reflect on the bigger picture. This project is NOT about designed bird house or environments for the birds, but helping me as the designer adopt a birds perspective in order to ‘see differently’ and gain a better understanding.

To do :

  • Finish Derek Jarman’s house timeline of decay. Think about a suiatbla applicable format- maybe exploded isometric?
  • Begin modelling in three dimensions- I would like to use my 3D scan of the fisherman’s cabin to begin modelling the voids. I will use the CNC machine with some blue foam to make a mould the create a mumification of the void using plaster of paris.
  • I realised before my presentation and from watching the presentaion of others the types  of drawings that I am missing which are: A birds eye view site plan, a section showing s redstart’s nest, a completed documentation of the trip to dungess. I might try to draw the buildings from the ethnographic park in the same way that I have drawn Jarman’s house to understand the spaces created by chance and to  build upon my case studies for technology.

One thought on “Cross-Crit Tutorial- Feedback

  1. Good reflection and plan of work.
    On Tuesday we brought together your two statements of what your primary interest in the project is:
    “About vision” and “spaces becoming spaces by chance” which seemed to arrive at an interest in shifting vision/perception to identify opportunities (for dwelling) where they are otherwise not seen. This seems to be what you are working through above.

    Think about how you can show this shift of vision in the drawings and therefore introduce a time element. Do some parts fade or is there a shift in scale as opportunities become more present through decay / the affects of time?

    I have not read this book (so can’t recommend or say much about it)! But it might be worth looking at:

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