Finding the Island

Post Crit.

Questions posed at my Crit (Action point after each question)

  • What is the agenda? To be developed in detail by next tuesday for discussion 
  • Needs to show more of Dungeness. Image showing removed landscape for final crit
  • Absences of certain parts of research, (maps etc) to connect the story. A complete story to be developed for crit
  • Map where each shingle type is found.  Expand on existing drawings and do a “shingle grain drawing”.
  • Over edited. No sure what you meant?
  • Big provocative image, counter to the technical images (unbuildable etc). Image to be developed for crit. 
  • Maintenance Dungeness if the shingle is removed from there, how do you do it? A composite image of shingle removed and then added elsewhere
  • Compare what broadly speaking is the project (how do you reject one idea over another) Island Verse Land. To be developed in detail by next Tuesday for discussion 
  • You need a practical argument why there is an island, abstraction of long shore drift. To be developed in detail by next tuesday for discussion 
  • Shifting ground, against shifting boundary’s.
  • How would you (through research) determine where the gravel comes from.
  • How would you take away Dungeness natural against artificial. Comparison of current process with EDF against my proposed process. 
  • What are the constrains I am ignoring.
  • Start with a proposal and back up its quality throughout with experience (impact statement)

Reflection: I did not find they review that usefull as it contradicted much of the previous points discussed, namely, “why am i looking at islands”. Prehaps we can reflect on this next week.


I will aim to answer some of the questions raised during the crit for next weeks discussion, and was particularly confused with comments about the project being overly curated, which I though was the whole point developing a portfolio style at the this stage.


Below are additional images not uploaded previously:


161121_new_island 161121_new_island2

One thought on “Finding the Island

  1. I don’t think the comments were about the portfolio being overly curated – it was more about editing out certain elements like the exquisite corpse, the methodical and forensic approach you took to gathering shingle samples on site, and the conceptual side of why you were interested in the shingle landscape and longshore drift to begin with, and how that led to an exploration into land making.

    The portfolio format and new drawings were really beautiful and that was commented on several times, so its not about the portfolio but more about how to tell a story that isn’t just a technical process of how to create new land but more of a dialogue between the movement of shingle on Dungeness and your project of moving that shingle out into the channel to generate islands.

    For me, your project has always been about engaging with shifting thresholds and the movement of land – questioning this idea of terra firma – or what we understand to be solid ground, and whether water is in fact no different to shingle.

    The introduction and set up of the project in the presentation was good but then it became very technical in terms of the island building process without us understanding why such an exercise is important or necessary. Also you need to find a clearer way to weave in the Transylvania research booklet (which also needs to be reprinted).

    Some of the portfolio pages are more important than others, and the portfolio needs hierarchy in terms of what are the key points and how are they shown through big drawings versus smaller booklets that document research or analysis or process. The examples of different types of islands were interesting but maybe creating an overview sheet to show us a scale comparison between them, and also taking more of a critical position on what makes an island in each of those cases would be useful.

    In some of the drawings the clouds are confusing since they look like islands, or arent different enough to islands – so maybe rethink their importance or how you can differentiate them more.

    From the presentation it felt like it could be two different projects – so you need to find a connective thread between what you are observing on Dungeness and what you are proposing in the Channel. How do you explain why this is interesting and relevant? Do you need to provide additional supports to the existing structures on Dungeness or will their raft foundations keep them afloat once the shingle disappears. How do you draw this movement of land and water, a shift in the relationship between land and sea?

    Jason discussed haunting as having an emotional resonance, and perhaps its that sense of haunting that isn’t translating in the project although it so easily could through allowing us to understand that shift between land and water, and the delicate balance between them.

    We need to see more conceptual images and drawings to balance out the technical process of island building which is extremely clear and thorough. This concept pages in the portfolio will help us to understand the ambition driving the project in terms of what are you hoping to reveal about the landscape or about the invisible boundaries you have uncovered in the channel, and why are they important? It would be nice to see a draft of some of these on Tuesday to give you feedback on.

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