Intangible Energy

On Tuesday, I was talking about converting intangible energy to a tangible form.

I presented about how our environment is surrounded with electromagnet, yet people are unaware about it. Especially in terms of electromagnet emitted by human brain waves.



Image above shows how the magnetic field changes with the change of activities within a space.

Followed by the experimentation of changing intangible electromagnet into heat which is tangible.

As well as the the Seghetti Panichi Historic Garden which is a bio-energy landscape garden designed based on the axis of electromagnet.

Danielle and Elif responded by saying that the experiment is a complicated way of achieving heat which can be achieved in a simple way.

It is also suggested to think about other ways of of translating the intangible energy to tangible items. For example into sound. However this initial idea was to convert electromagnet into heat as it could be developed to provide human being a protective perimeter.

In terms of sound, I was looking into device that could respond to the increase of electromagnet.


The main problem is the sensor, which I’m referring to both the lecher antenna as well as coil magnetometer.

There is also the question of how to relate the research done to the site.

It is also commented that the direction is lacking of relationship to Dungeness.

I’m currently looking into the patterns that could be caused by the iron remnants in Dungeness. An addition of iron remnant gives out a pattern of magnetic pattern.


This is a rough draft of it.

The poles are magnified by the presence of iron.  The dashed red lines is just to make the existing lines of geo-magnetic field visible.

The patterns became more regular when it evolves towards the sea. This shows that patterns are changeable whenever there is an additional element. I’m still thinking of ways of relating this architecturally.

One thought on “Intangible Energy

  1. Some notes that I made from the conversation on Tuesday:

    – Look into ways other than heat of translating the magnetic field, empirical but also the more ‘mystic’ interpretations (ley lines, location of standing stones, energy vortexes in the American landscape, etc)

    – Create a hierarchy of scales. Are you taking a global or zoomed in approach?

    – How are you extracting data from the landscape?

    – Look at the iron remnants again. How do they affect the field? Draw these as a detail, quite precise, showing how the presence of iron affects the magnetic field.

    – Bring this back to the site, go back to your first impressions of Dungeness. What is it that makes the site different from any other where this electromagnetism is also present. What is particular – the energy or the site?

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