Island Confusion (post tutorial)

Dungeness is haunted by its formation events, the scars left on the land indicate a fluid landscape rather than a fixed point in time.

Dungeness is a staging post for shingle over a thousand years, but often in our current time frame its an end point for journeys of people, objects (train carriages) and atoms (nuclear).

The shingle should be used to continue this tradition of shingle movement and move the Dungeness staging post onto the next part of its journey.

Key Comments from M+D 

  • You need to assume a position on why I am doing islands
  • Focus on the shingle rather than a final resolution.
  • Show balanced drawings of taking away and adding in new location (making unmaking)
  • Be more implicit about the outcome




  • Adding subtracting drawing – Removing Shingle/Adding shingle to site (layered drawing of time process of removal and addition, sectional abstract) egg timer thing?
  • Proper Photoshop image of site houses without land, lots of water no shingle (see below)
  • Single shingle movement mapped over the coast
  • Drawing of a shingle moving across the landscape, from cliff erosion, to dredging to Dungeness to the Verne (series of vignettes)
  • political map, geological map (all line drawings on big drawing)
  • How would single movement be defined by each person? Doreen, the warden, EDF energy (remap the side with shingle)



One thought on “Island Confusion (post tutorial)

  1. Good intro, this could be part of your presentation on Tuesday.

    A good start on the view image. Maybe look again at the water texture as it is quite opaque and textured which is perhaps not distinct enough from the shingle. The image reads initially as a flooded Dungeness, rather than a migrated Dungeness. Maybe be more extreme in presenting the view back, a stronger perspective of the distance between the mainland and New Dungeness – I keep thinking of the effect of the earth rise photo and that strong sense of looking back that it suggests – This was a really important image in bringing a new awareness to people about the fragility of the earth. Does your image suggest a rhetorical position?

    The to do list is good and should bring a few elements that are lacking at the moment, significantly the idea of movement that runs through (and is a real quality of) the project. On Tuesday you clarified for me – “it is the same shingle so it is the same place”, make this clear in your presentation as this is key and opens up the direction of thinking for your own position on this. Are you suggesting that place exists in the material of the landscape? That the hope of holding on to a disappearing land projects an identity of place onto new forms? Or that this is something quite active, in the spirit of a ‘land grab’, ambitious expansion on the part of Dungeness – what could be the driving force of this? You don’t have to have a full narrative scenario for Tuesday, but evidence that you have reflected on the meaning that could be carried by your gesture will be important, and an indication of which direction you are going in.

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