Lewis_Post CrossCrit

After the Crosscrit, the focus became propositional in addition to ruting the proposition and analysis to the site more. The following are images that were created for the follow up crit.


The above is  a collection of items that were collected across the site and located on a map. (To make the arguement stronger more items will need to be collected (particular in te two ambiguous categorites). Furthermore as the project has moved somewhat towards what a garden might be (though not necessarily about plants), it was important to visualise the organic material on the conceptual graph.

Moving forward, looking at a way of justifying an intervention such as a garden I looked to Superstudio’s future architecture manifesto (particularly the image of Manhatten) but Rem Koolhaas’s Exodus thesis presented what seemed to be a more didactic investigation.

161122_crosscrit9 161122_crosscrit10



Where Exodus is a proposition for the Urban realm, the principles of it maybe able to be applied to dungeness but from a natural perspective. Above is Exodus placed onto Dungeness and then a natural reflection.

Moving forward the project may come in the form of the garden but I would like to focus less on plants and perhaps runis. I developed the drawing below which reflects on plants growing and ruins ‘growing’.


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