Week 10- Tutorial Feedback and Actions for this Week



Feedback on work produced this week:

  • Drawings of Jarman’s house are still not ‘decayed’ enough. Look at the work of Brian Dillon, Piranesi and Joseph Gandy to see how they represent decay in ruins buidings. What can you learn?
  • Precdent study drawings- Art historical images of ruins. Analyse how a bird might occupy these?
  • Look at ruination as proactive- for example Hitler built for ruination.

Key words: Chance, Opportunity, Transfer of Ownership

  • Drawings should present the idea that becoming ‘undone’ presents new opportunities.
  • Add Derek Jarman’s garden to the cottage drawings. How does the garden takes over the house as it decays- transferring ownership

Keywords: Vision, Looking

  • Book: ‘About Looking’ John Berger
  • ‘New layers of meaning in what we see’
  • ‘Layers of opportunity’

Keywords: Preservation, destruction, chance

  • Who decides the preserved state. If it is Derek then which state would he like his cottage preserved at?
  • How would Derek best like to percieve his house and his garden?
  • May it is about the garden taking over the house? The house becomes one of his scultptures in the garden.
  • Like magpies- People contribute to the building of the garden and the house- CHANCE and therefore preserving Derek Jarman’s philosophy
  • Analyse the principles behind Derek’s Garden- How do you draw this?
  • Exploded drawing type- should the exploded drawing be isometric or could it be more irregular? What is a ruined exploded drawing?
  • Reserach Todd McLennan- Motion Stills
  • Replicating the explosion is an act of chance
  • Add to the cottage drawing- furniture- things within the house- how can these off the bird a nesting habitat- how can these be exploded?

Portfolio idea– ripping pages to reveal layers behind. Like peeling layers of paint off to reveal what is underneath. Inspired by image shown below. (Can experiment with different paper types, glue and paint)


Key Drawings for Next Week: (In order of priority) 

Drawing 1: Exploded typical redstart nest drawing with the redstart to scale 

Drawing 2: Site map. How does a redstart move around the site? Does it hop, soar, swoop?

Drawing 3: Precedent study of art historical drawings including piranesi and Josephy Gandy- how can these decayed spaces be occupied by birds?

Drawing 4: Derek Jarman’s cottage version 3: Add the garden, add furniture, add more decay in reference to previous precedent study drawing. Shown transfer of ownership

Drawing 5: (After crit) Exploded drawing of cottage- replicating an explosion.



3 thoughts on “Week 10- Tutorial Feedback and Actions for this Week

  1. I just remembered that the OxArch Lecture company ‘Archio’ did a project on creating birdsnests and presented some research about the birds visual ranges etc from an architectural perspective. It might be worth checking out. I think they left Oliver/ Adrian with thier emails.

  2. Good tutorial notes and list of things to do for the crit – The most important thing for an audience to understand at the crit is who is this project for – is it for birds? for Derek Jarman? for his legacy? for visitors to the site?
    Make sure you have a drawing, even if its still a draft to show us the underlying organisational principles ofJarman’s garden, how that starts to proliferate over time, and how eventually it encompasses the whole site. Somehow you would also need to convey that for Jarman, it was all about the garden and how that serves as a microcosm of Dungeness, as well as a potential strategy for the site.
    The issue of what is the most authentic state of a building or construct to preserve is fascinating and perhaps your decay drawings could speculate on that using quotes from Jarman to show what it would be like to preserve the house at different states of decay?
    How can this process of decaying the house while the garden flourishes become a participatory act of preservation? With visitors to the site, and maybe even locals getting involved?
    For the explosion drawing – look at Todd McLellan’s Motion Stills: http://www.toddmclellan.com/thingscomeapar
    and also Cold Dark Matter by Cornelia Parker:
    Also this new exhibition at the Wellcome Collection about how animals see could be interesting for you in terms of combining your research on the Redstart with Vision: https://wellcomecollection.org/MakingNature
    Think about the portfolio format and how through the techniques you are investigating with tearing and stripping back layers (while building up others) you can construct an overall layout that compliments this understanding of ruination.
    Good luck and looking forward to seeing the new work and how you present this on Tuesday!

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