Energy in Dungeness

The progress on magnified version of the effects of the winches along the beach was shown on Tuesday.


Followed by the position of churches in Romney Marsh.


As our ancestors are believed to be able to locate the position of ley lines, therefore they built churches according along the position. Ley lines are normally found along a series of churches that are built in a similar line. Positive ley lines will yield positive energy that enhance a person’s well being.

During the tutorial, there were suggestions on ways to find out the ley lines in Dungeness. I have been reading up on  the how magnetic field affects fengshui. Magnetic field has both positive and negative energy. As Chi energy is a form of magnetic energy, exercises such as yoga, tai chi identify the chi in our body and regulates it. I will be reading up on its effect on architecture more.

The comments on Tuesday includes:

  • Visualize the reasons that lead to the winches magnetic pattern formation.
  • look into lighthouse position transformation along the time as well as houses
  • Understand the axes of energy across Earth and apply on Dungeness to replan Dungeness base on magnetic field.
  • find out the principles below vastu shastra and fengshui
  • Show evidence on how electromagnet force affect the land.
  • Overlay the ley lines upon Hoia Forest. Relate translyvania to electromagnetic field.

I’ve been looking into the position of lighthouses along the years as well as the military base changes along the centuries as the shoreline changes.

Model The position of lighthouse along the years


*will enhance the graphic to make it more legible

The flow of storyboard that I will be presenting next Tuesday is as follows

  1. Electromagnetism that exist in Dungeness
  2. Benefits of positive energy
  3. How positive energy is enhanced by magnetic force
  4. Case study on the bio-energetic garden
  5. Current planning of Dungeness that may suggest neutral / negative energy
  6. Existence of ley lines
    1. Church
    2. Lighthouse, Winches, houses and militaries objects that shift according to landscape
  7. Show Planetary Grid in UK
  8. Incorporating the grid to Dungeness
  9. Identifying positive energy pockets
  10. Replanning Dungeness in accordance to well being of the locals as well as plants.
  11. Biophilic Design

One thought on “Energy in Dungeness

  1. good list of notes from your tutorial as well as new work in plotting the shifting lighthouses and military bases. The list of things to present on Tuesday seems to follow a logical progression to build up a narrative about revealing an electromagnetic network across Dungeness and how this can be used to plan Dungeness better.
    By understanding the principles that govern either Feng Shui or Vastu Shastra, think about how you generate your own principles for electromagnetic planning (needs a better name) that links to Biophilic design.
    While doing all of this work, think of why you are tracing churches, lighthouses and military bases – what connects them? Are they just typologies you are sampling in the landscape, or are they more significant because of how they connect to ley lines? Are the locations of houses important? Why would planning Dungeness according to electromagnetic principles/ fields be better? Answering this question in your presentation on Tuesday will be a good test of what is driving your project, and what is currently missing from Dungeness.
    Finally this is the book I mentioned on Tuesday, Sub-Plan that drew the planning regulations to make them more tangible and legible, but also used these drawings to explore the limits/ loopholes in the system:
    Good luck and looking forward to seeing how it progresses for Tuesday!

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