The ‘animal+underground’ project

Tuesday’s tutorial:

1.Drawings that show the development of my research from the past few weeks and the possible brief / proposal for my project.
a. On site issues (area of interests)
– Animal burrows

b. Solving Method
-Zone the animals.
-Divert the animals to build their burrows in designated area.

c. Concept
-To build a human underground laboratory / care center / zoo (??) to take care of the animal burrows zone.
-Propose to use gelatin to solidify shingles (as alternative to resin).
-Stacking of shingles to form the above structure of animal burrow (to create a natural cover as animal protection)

2. Camouflaging decoy house
-Thinking to use some reflective material for the above ground burrow entrance to camouflage it into the landscape.
-Still not too sure how the entrance structure works/looks, will think more about it.

3. New experiments using gelatin as alternative to resin.
-Gelatin is not toxic/acidic as compared to resin and it is renewable.
-Possible to develop a gelatin cycle on site (animal live-die-gelatin extract-building material)



Conclusion: Gelatin solidify gravels faster than resin. The end product is softer than resin but it holds the gravel perfectly as resin.

4. Precedent study – Rock printing by Gramazio Kohler Research



To do list:
-Test gelatin on a larger scale.
-To do load test on gelatin shingles, and find out their structural properties.
-Investigate the vertical / horizontal forces of the precedent rock printing structure and apply on project.
-Think more on the decoy house concept. Look into the tree hotel by Tham + Videgard Hansson Arkitekter.
-Think of what is the function / importance of this project. What to reveal on this landscape?
-For the zoning of animal, what is the method to do this.
-Time element of the burrow.
-Rethink what is the architecture element in this project.

2 thoughts on “The ‘animal+underground’ project

  1. Saw this and thought of you!
    Such great timing, consider it a gift from the Wellcome Collection 😉

    Without new work I can offer limited new comments, but to expand on the above following Tuesday’s discussion:
    In continuing your gelatine investigation you will need to find out how the material performs over time – in relation to weather, natural deterioration of the material, failure of the material under stress, etc.
    Gelatine is a possible solution to bind the shingle but you should be making parallel investigations into the capabilities of the shingle itself, guided by the rock printing precedent. Begin tests with shingle and fine wire thread. On Tuesday we discussed this as an inside out gabion, which is worth reflecting on. What are the minimum additions needed to direct the natural inclination of the material and forces working upon it (i.e. gravity)?

    Return to what made you interested in working underground, look back at your early ideas on this and reactions to the site. What does it mean to be underground, to choose this as an alternative? A possibility? – shelter? Concealment? Avoidance of developing the landscape above ground? Regarding the decoy houses and programme underground, you must figure out the problem to work on the solution.

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