Final Crit: Notes and Feedback



cottagerip3Project Overview:

My project is about…

Perception and spaces becoming spaces by chance through a process of decay and deterrioration. These key ideas have arrived at an interest in the ability to shift vision/ perception to identify opportunities for dwelling where there are not otherwise seen.

Crit Presentation:

1.) Intro Brian Dillon

  • Essay about Dungeness
  • Without the pressure of restricted space in Dungeness- ‘decommissioned structures or ruins are just left’
  • Black redstart ‘A lover of last centuries obsolete, abandoned and blasted places’ – mascot for an exploration of Dungeness
  • Connoisseur of ruins

2.) 2nd Mascot- Derek Jarman

  • film director
  • diagnosed with HIV which prompted his move to Dungeness
  • Moved to prospect Cottage in the mid eighties

3.) Making connections between the two mascots of Dungeness

  • Why did each choose to live there
  • Each were ‘building their nest’ out of the existing landscape of Dungeness

4.) Why does the redstart choose to live there?

  • 4 main reasons why they shun our garden sheds
  • proximity to open water
  • rubble rich wastelands
  • tall complex structures
  • ledges and holes

5.) Derek

  • Pharmacopeia
  • english landscape
  • films set

6.) How does each habit the site?

  • birds voids, movement
  • Derek- Prospect cottage- house in a preserved state- but what if it were left to decay?

7.) Modes of seeing

  • perception
  • as it begins to decay, cottage becomes less visible to derek but more visible to the bird as voids are revealed.

8.) Decay

  • analysis of existing decay – fisherman’s cottage
  • replicating decay through drawing prospect cottage
  • Rachel Whiteread- casting the void

9.) Exploded drawing

  • how each part of the building decays over time

10.) A Shift in Ownership

  • As decay takes over, nature is let in

11.) Derek Jarman’s Garden- represents the opposite of decay

Phase 1: Accidental Gardening

Phase 2: Beachcombing for treasures

Phase 3 Formality/ Informality

Phase 4: Pharmacopeia- As Derek fades, his garden begins to flourish- Transfer of ownership



  • Proposal of a memorial is  not quite right
  • Perception of spaces through deterioration – a dwelling for who? Derek?
  •  Good attention to the detail of understanding Derek- follow this process to design the cast- the 4 phases of the garden
  • What if Derek was conceptually a better architect than me?
  • Build a wall- the follow his process (stacking, removing etc) and experiment an outcome. Blue print for traditional wall but unconditional treatment of it. How to reveal voids as an opportunity.
  • Redstart- like magpie, gathering objects- use this as a process
  • Think about time based drawing
  • Can the proposition look at Bernard Tschumi to make a memorial structure- time based creative structure
  • Gordon Matta Clarke- tactile cutting into paper- make paper tearing portfolio with more intent
  • Duchamp and Kisler drawing- tearing
  • Work at multiple scales
  • Don’t discard memorial- but validate
  • Where is the project leading? *What does memorial mean? What aspect of memorial do you like?

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