Underground Wildlife Research Centre

 First layer shows the Underground wildlife research centre:


Second layer shows the man-made animal burrow that is integrated with the wildlife research center:
(Human gets to see part of the burrow from inside)


Third layer shows the possible extension of burrow by the animals after inhabiting the burrow over a period of time:


Layers of drawings show the increase in complexity of the underground world over time.

Perhaps one day, when the sea water washes up all the shingles in this area, the underground world will appear / float on to surface.

Summary of the work presented on Tuesday:


Post crit:

  • I have to scale down the ambition and think more of the practicality of the project.
  • Will start doing realistic and less pictorial drawings to make the whole proposal logical and economical.
  • Currently reflecting on how to enrich the project with clear constructive intention of this project following the planning policy constraints. The proposal is still not convincing at this stage.
  • Very interested to explore the haunted element in this underground project: How to secretly build this underground structure.
  • To also enrich the decoy house / camouflage concept which could enhance the haunted element.
  • I need to do more experiments to expand the possibilities of gelatine. What is the relationship of animal and gelatine? Can technology allow human/animal to penetrate through gelatine?
  • To think of and start understanding the needed and not needed spaces in this project.

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