Shaping the Energy Grid

Dungeness is currently very segregated where the community are pretty much each carrying outĀ their own agenda.

My proposal isĀ about a new way to replan Dungeness according to line, points and surface.


I was looking into Bernard Tschumi’s design methodology. Where he uses point, lines and surfaces to determine his proposal.

In terms of my proposal however, the points identified is base on the position of energy pools in Dungeness. How I determine these points is based on the most efficient shape that exist within the universe. All atomic structures is formed in this shape as it gives the highest atomic efficiency.



The shape when drawn across the globe shows the energy pockets within. With the intersection of various well known landmarks of the world such as the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Bermuda Triangle. etc.


Within the context of the UK, the st michael alignment cuts across various well known areas in the UK.







Using the similar technique, the ley line in Dungeness is identifiable with all the old churches that are aligned within the similar ley line.a2_macro-map

From there the new grid system is drawn and applied onto Dungeness where the energy pools can be possibly identified with incorporation of the line identification based on the sightline from the sea as well as the access to the site and different surface materials.


The feedback

  • to rearrange the way of presenting to avoid the proposal from getting too mystical. (this post is rearranged based on the suggested route of presentation)
  • to provide more scientific justification upon all the energy related propose.
  • convince with evidence
  • how you convert spiritual to scientific.
  • repackage old work to be reintroduced into new project
  • back up the observation of seggregated Dungeness with evidence or photos
  • Dungeness is always changing. How does it affect the lines and points?
  • How to utilize energy into building.

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