Plan for Xmas Break

Here is my storyboard plan for the Christmas break, outlining the pages of my portfolio that I have started and the gaps which existed in my presentation:

xmas-plan-1 xmas-plan-2 xmas-plan-3

In the tutorial we discussed my proposal which is for a ‘Retreat’ for people coming to terms with the fear of death or with the prospect of their own mortality.

I will first focus on filling in the gaps within my first semester work and then I will begin to start developing a physical proposal.

  • How will I design the space to reflect a new lifestyle/ opportunity?
  • If Derek/ redstart was the architect how would they begin to spproach a design project?

Drawings to Complete/ Start by end of Xmas Break:

1.) Redstart profile– Scale, vision, habitat, site map, why Dungeness

Jarman Profile– Scale, vision, habitat, site map, why Dungeness

2.)  Redstart nest exploded– beach combing for treasures

Jarman house exploded– beach combing for treasures. – done

3.)  Exploded Section house and nest drawing showing Jarman and Redstart to scale– done 

4.) Technology: Effects of Weathering and Decay- Elevation of each facade showing effects of wind, rain, sunlight. Which facade decays first. Site orientation. Site Analysis. “analysis on the actors governing this decay”

5.) Technology: Material research– longevity of different materials. Construction methods used. Compare to Transylvania precedents. Material palette showing images from Dungeness

6.) Technology: Material research- Mary Rose– decay of timber under water.

7.) Precedent study of art historical drawings including Piranesi and Joseph Gandy- how can these decayed spaces be occupied by birds?

House drawn in style of Piranesi- how might bird occupy spaces.

8.) Transylvania– Ethnographic park- preservation,  existing birds nests analysis

9.) David Attenborough– birds which nest in cities

10.) Perception of the redstart. Obsolete structures.  How does a redstart move around the site? Does it hop, soar, swoop?

Perception of Jarman: Section cuts showing each room of the house- how does Jarman occupy the site.

11.) Derek Jarman’s cottage Shift in Perception: Add the garden, add furniture, add more decay in reference to previous precedent study drawing. Show transfer of ownership.

Spaces within Cottage at Larger Scale– how birds might occupy? Section drawing. ad-hoc detritus that might create the voids the bird finds most valuable.

12.) Casting the void- Rachel Whiteread style interpretation of the Fisherman’s Cottage.

Casting the void-  garden spaces

13.) Derek’s garden principles– 4 principles, Pharamcopeia.

14.) Decay as a Process of Addition and Subtraction: Decay of Derek, vs. Decay of House vs. Life of Garden

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