Landforms Storyboard

Portfolio Plan for the 31st January with work to do identified, I will run through proposed work in the 17th with work over Christmas focusing on filling in gaps and answer questions raised at post crit review. A line from a book i’m reading entitled Icelandic lessons in an industrial landscape proposes the idea of a “Territorial Constitution”; a strategy comprising a spatial plan and a series of proposals that describe a scenario for a long-term territorial development, an apt description for the direction my project is taking.



Drawings over break (to bring on the 17th):

  • Unify Staging Post principle – prehaps a control tower/lighthouse (projector of shingle arrangement over time)
  • Experiment with a time based topography drawing
  • Unstableness of island/shingle drawing
  • Drawing showing how Dungeness can be one of many forms, look at basic principles of plans such as Schoder House.
  • Boundries of people narratives (physical, psychological, regulation) images of hard and soft boundaries for EDF, Community, RSPB etc.
  • Word map of narratives
  • Single large island drawing focusing on Dungness as EDF narrative (First Attempt proposal)
  • One view for each scenario, from staging post point (like big image from crit)
  • Transylvania – drawings explaining the moving of buildings and envelopes to size


  • Drawing of moving homes from erosion (reverse)
  • Detail (1:20) of island making
  • Calculate shingle volumes for each proposal
  • Drawn study of current EDF shingle movement


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