Over the Xmas break I am working on tidying up the loose ends identified at the end of the year as well looking into potential avenues to better justify my stances that there should be a new preservation strategy in Dungeness. The follwing questions follow roughly the structure of the protfilio that I am working on are the questions that I hope to answer in the next 2 weeks leading up to the Crit.


What are the characteristics of Dungeness?

Analysis: Site, Material, Time, Environment

What are the forces that act upon Dungeness?

Analysis: Materials, Policies

Provocations- (Koolhaas Exodus)

Material investigations

Analysis: Material acting

Experiment: Test material decay

What are the conservation Principles?

Analysis: Policies

Analysis: Archiving vs Conserving vs Preserving (Time)

ProvocatĀ­ion: Preservation is Overtaking Us

Who is Derek Jarman?

Analysis: Who, Where, Why? Relationship to site

Analysis: Garden & Archiving (preservation) technique

Provocation: Preservation principles on House

Prospect House

Analysis: Structural decay speculation (Cubic sections), Decay order (Time relationship to moving coast)

Analysis: Garden Formality & informality.

Test: Print Model to ‘deconstruct’

Romania Comparison

Salt Mine, Botanical Garden, Ethnographic Park, Castle (Preservation principles)

So far I have been looking into ways in which to enhance the current work as well as completeing some mapping exercises. The following drawings will help define the ‘flow’ and justify the developing preservation strategy.

170120_PostXmas20 170120_PostXmas21 170120_PostXmas24

Ive Developed the format that i think my portfilio will take as well as sketching some ideas about preservation that i have learned fromĀ reading.

IMG_1089 IMG_1091

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