Lewis_XmasPlan&Update Pt2

I have continued to modify existing pages as well as exploring the different types of preservation. Firstly adding texture to the structural diagram. I intent to use the model as a resourse for further drawings such as an errosion or decay drawing.  Furthermore I have expanded upon the Exodus drawings to describe why they are important.

I intend to move the Prospect Cottage analysis towards usingDerek Jarman and his methods of archiving (garden & Diary) as a method of preservation and how that might become a possible preservation strategy for Dungeness. The method of Diarising something requires more thought.

70127_PostXmas19 70127_PostXmas20

70127_PostXmas10 70127_PostXmas11


The following diagram is a reperesentation of how the 3 moethods of preservation that I have looked into manefest on a time model. I have also incorperated Rem Koolhass’ Preservation is Overtaking us into the model.


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