Shingle Boundaries, Moving Lighthouse and Updated research.

Since my tutorial in London I have continued to add to my research and explore the physical boundary conditions of the site.

This is intended to help focus in on definitive boundary from which the new forms of Dungeness can be developed.

In addition I have begun to explore the moving of buildings to facilitate the landscape changes; adding a page on the apartment blocks in Alba, a study of the Lieb House and a exploratory section and plan drawing of a machine to move building along the shingle without the need for tracks.

Staging Post movement –


Study of relocating buildings


161107_Trip_book161107_Trip_book2  170116_Tech_Report_set


Site boundaries study;

170113_Boundrys5  170113_Boundrys3 170113_Boundrys2 170113_Boundrys170113_Boundrys4


Updated to geological investigation:


170116_Tech_Report_set13 170116_Tech_Report_set12 170116_Tech_Report_set1


Time contours draft drawing (further experimenting needed)


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