Week 0_Nesting Principles

At the last tutorial we discussed how my portfolio was missing drawings from the perspective of the Redstart. For example I have outlined Derek Jarman’s garden design priciples, but had not discussed the Redstart’s nesting principles anywhere in my portfolio so far.

Now I have two drawings which can be read in parallel. Derek’s principles are subjective elements of design, whereas the redstart focuses on more practical decisions and elements of function to construct their nest. These principles are key the project and will help direct the design.

DJGarden_Principles Redstart_Principles



I have analysed the site to understand the existing sphotographed spaces that the redstart might nest in:


The from analysis the voids seen in the scans of the fisherman’s hut I have outlined what the redstart might look for in a nesting space and I have desgined several environments for the redstart:





I have also created a timeline to outline the life of Derek, the house, the garden and the redstart. This timeline explain how one opportunity expires, another begins:



This week I have also been focusing on improving the visual quality of the drawings I already have. For example I have added elements of decay and ‘ad-hoc’ detritus to this isometric drawing of Prospect Cottage to explain how this forms voids and spaces which become habitats for the bird.




Adding the garden to this drawing of Prospect Cottage helps to explain the concept that as the structure of the house deteriorates, the garden begins to flourish and take over (Work in Progress).



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