Crit Sheets – Oliver

Plan for Tuesday:

Intro say “Islands are typically approached from the land or the air, Dungeness is approached from the land where boundaries inform it island like narrative.”

  1. Complete Boundaries Proposition (diagrams on existing sheets)
  2. 3 proposals plus baseline options as an overlay (as trace/gif – see below)
  3. Drawing of existing territorys at Dungeness (line drawing – abstact)
  4. Staging Post Proposal, what is a staging post?
  5. Staging Post building concept



Presentation Sequence –

  1. Shingle what it is and why its important (natural processes).
  2. Boundaries and island qualities
  3. Traditional Islands and what i’ve learnt
  4. How islands can be made
  5. How shingle can be used to fabricate an landscape
  6. The man made waypoints for Dungeness change (Nuclear Protection – 2017, Community isolation – 2077 and Natural Regression – 2127) over the next 110 years (time taken to remove all traces of Power plant)
  7. How nature will assist in shaping the landscape as well as claiming it back.
  8. How the Staging post will be used as a vessel to facilitate the landscape changes.


I will be defining the “Shingle Movement Acts” as sketched out below and will explore the idea of a shingle grain or pattern as a boundary principle:





One thought on “Crit Sheets – Oliver

  1. HI Oliver,
    Great plan of things to do but in terms of presentation order, I would start with an introduction about islands, and then mention how Dungeness as it exists today is a really an archipelago of islands, rather than a single land mass connected to the mainland – then you can move to how shingle is actually more similar to water than land, and talk about your shingle sampling from there? (Basically swap 1. and 2.) Talking about the invisible boundaries carving Dungeness into a series of islands, will also help introduce your analysis of the English channel and the invisible boundaries that carve up that territory as well. (I saw a project at a crit today about drawing the legislative, economic and industrial boundaries in the North Sea).
    Instead of “Islands are typically approached from the land or the air, Dungeness is approached from the land where boundaries inform it island like narrative.” – maybe say “While Islands are typically approached from the air or WATER, Dungeness is approached from land and a series of often intangible boundaries inform it’s island-like composition and narrative.”
    I like the idea of a gif to show the three proposals plus the existing condition with more detailed drawings to explain each proposal but it doesn’t seem to be animated on the blog, at least not for me.
    Looking forward to seeing the boundary principles/ conditions/ palette drawings and the first draft of the three proposals on Tuesday – I really like the time-based drawing for the different acts as well as the staging post! Good luck!

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