Deliverables for Week 2 crit

To do :

(a) Proceed with material studies :

  • photographic method 1 (silver nitrate) on ceramics, glass, concrete, stone
  • photographic method 2 (cyanotype – less chemicals needed) on porous + non-porous substrates

(b) Draw chemistry and physical setup of photographic experiments/research

(c) Draw/Model structural intervention on two camera-house typologies :    

  • Lighthouse
  • Mobile shack 

To collate/edit/present :

(a) GIFs of early concepts (semester 1) – to play on computer with short explanation

  • expandable homes with narratives
  • (un)folding circular timeline showing time & landscape progression
  • time-space camera conceptual drawing

(b)  Model of pinhole camera + Drawing of pinhole cameras, experiments setup and results

(c)  Results from materials studies

(d)  Interpreted precedent studies of Soane Museum, Murphy House, Camera obscura Edinburgh

(e)  More clearly defined purpose and value of project – tie back the meaning of home vs. house


One thought on “Deliverables for Week 2 crit

  1. Hi Song,
    A good to do list but think about how you condense the volume of material you have produced into a more concise and powerful presentation without losing the tactility and performative nature of your foldable drawings – the gif is a nice idea so Im looking forward to seeing that – its a good time to test new presentation techniques. I would open with a strong statement about home vs. house that encompasses the idea of the image and duration to set us up for the experiments with camera and film, as well as the importance of the camera-homes in your proposal. And think more about how you position mobile shack and the lighthouse as homes of different durations.
    Looking forward to seeing the new tests and an amazing presentation on Tuesday! Good luck!

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