Next Week_Order of Presentation

Presentation order numbered 1- 13. To do this week- outlined in red:



To do:

1.) Define a period in time (From occupation of Derek (1986) to complete decomposition of Prospect House?)

2.) Drawing showing life of garden. (4 stages)

3.) Drawing showing Dungeness over allocated time period (4 stages)

4.) SPIRAL Timeline- Derek —- Bird —– Garden —- Dungeness

5.) Define Proposal- In one sentence to explain in presentation.

One thought on “Next Week_Order of Presentation

  1. Great storyboard with a good order of telling the story – the lifecycle drawings for the garden and Dungeness will be really key to explaining the ambition and strategy behind the project. I would make sure to insert your critical position early on in the presentation – on the fact that Derek Jarman’s house has been frozen in time and pristinely preserved – which wasn’t in keeping with what attracted Derek to Dungeness in the first place – and how this is in stark contrast to the garden, which has flourished and changed over this time and is a more accurate reflection of the methodology employed by Derek to design it. Perhaps introduce the project with your architectural position – on transfer of use, searching for opportunities within architectural life cycles, and of corrupting/ extending/ altering the end-points of things. For each stage of the lifecycle (Derek, Bird, Garden, Dungeness) think about what your role is as the architect in terms of designing the ruin, speeding time up or slowing it down, creating opportunities for new inhabitation etc. Can’t wait to see the new work and looking forward to your presentation – good luck!

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