Work for crit

Presentation order

Start presentation with: Dungeness is a landscape formed by its own objects.

table board

To do:

  • sections for every path with objects in scale from the point of view
  • change the names of the paths
  • specify the zones of each path

One thought on “Work for crit

  1. HI Mary, I think you should also think about your role as the architect is designing the route, and determining how we view the found objects, and developing a strategy of how to design our experience of objects of a similar type, scale, orientation etc (according to your catalogue). IN your introduction, in addition to Dungeness being a landscape formed of objects, its also a place shaped by several forces over time, whose clues are embedded within these surviving objects. These forces can be classified as relating to war, industry and tradition, which then determines the creation of your three walks. As discussed on Tuesday, make sure you take your audience on the journey with you, and show the process that helped you arrive at a design/ curatorial strategy rather than just presenting us with a design. Design the proposals from the perspective of understanding their stories and histories – so that they feel informed by the past that has shaped their present relevance to the landscape, and how they help us to understand Dungeness in new ways. Good luck and looking forward to seeing this develop for Tuesday!

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