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Got inspired by this sectional drawing-model style by a student in Mack. Can apply this style to unfold small to large spaces in the camera house (mobile shack & lighthouse). Definitely love and will continue to pursue the flat-pack style 3D drawings (digital and hand-drawings) as my performative portfolio method. Will continue to improve finesse and maybe I will include the actual photography prints into my model and not just as a separate set of results in a booklet.





And probably by the end of my project, I will have a taxonomy of the camerarooms in Dungeness like Shin’s Slow¬†Windows and Yamamoto’s Taxonomy of the ordinary.

1-axo-combined-low-e1305147817343Shopping Carts graphite and pencil crayon on 11" x 14" bristol paper 2005 - 2008

One thought on “Crit Remarks & Design Actions

  1. The final remarks that you make under document vs. instrument are really interesting. How will you show this thinking in drawings and models? At present we have your models, cameras, test prints – but you should start to address how all this is interpreted together to clearly show this very considered thinking about moment vs passage. This seems key to linking aback to the house vs home thesis.

    The inward / outward facing of the picture taking is important to consider. An inward shot records the inhabitation, in moments or as passage? Again, think about how thinking through the photographs as moment or as passage supports the camera houses as ‘house’ or ‘home’. Are moments / snapshots house and aggregated images home? The collapsing of daily routine into image making is fascinating and suggests how you might start to show us how the camera houses operate. This could be a good subject for this week’s time drawing task. Look at the examples on the blog and also to photography itself. Maybe look at Eadweard Muybridge’s sequence photographs. These suggested how photography might unpick time by showing it in stages. If these are moments, how will you show passage?

    Lovely models and drawing precedents, looking forward to seeing yours!

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