Post Crit Thoughts and To Do List

New Work Presented:

To go alongside existing drawings: ‘Derek Jarman’s Design Principles’ and ‘The Black Redstart Nesting Principles’

The Garden: Stages of Growth Garden_Stages

Dungeness: History and Growth



To design the ideal state of preservation/ decay for each occupant of Prospect Cottage. Each of these preserved states is not designed ‘for’ the protagonist but becomes an intervention within the landscape for visitors to experience.

  • Work in progress concept drawing to show 4 ideal preserved states- What classifies these ideal states- that is the brief.
  • The phases/ processes dictate a design methodology at each stage of design.
  • How can each state of decay be experienced by the visitors of Dungeness to preserve the legacy of the building and to highlight an awareness of life through the architecture.
  • Time period- 1986 – from when Derek inhabits to when the building completely deteriorates and is given back to the landscape.

Crit Feedback

  • Explore further the shifting of scales and views- maybe through physical model making to discover different micro/ macro aspects of the site
  • The two ‘mascots’ should be more evident through drawing styles
  • At the moment the camera shows the same angle/ view for the perspective of each macot.
  • A timeline of decay- more graphic. What happens when the house comes to the end of its lifestyle
  • Why does the redstart pick the house- what happned when it lives there? Is it multioccupied? Show the interior of the house in the drawings.

To do this week:

  • Collate work into books because at the moment it is all over everywhere and hard to show in a table top style presentations. – maybe one book for each protagonist
  • Define 4 different drawing styles for each of Derek, Bird, Garden, Dungeness
  • Begin physcial model making
  • Start to draw the interior of the house focusing on how Derek/ the bird would see it

One thought on “Post Crit Thoughts and To Do List

  1. At the start of your presentation I noted that you introduced the redstart as a ‘connoisseur of ruins’ which we know is an important starting point, but what this meant and how it opens up the project was unsaid. I think you need a drawing at that early point that presents Dungeness to this small, aerial connoisseur of ruins – i.e. a series of spaces, crevices etc providing opportunities for the bird. This can even be just a zoomed in view. Maybe you do already have a drawing for this, but we didn’t see it!

    You referred to Prospect Cottage’s ‘pristine’ state and said that is not what Derek would have wanted. This is also key so include something here that explains Derek’s approach to time and materiality – through his making of the garden – to clarify what you mean by this. This could be an opportunity for to think about a strategy for this week’s time drawing task in tandem with the drawings of the various states in process.

    Remember the comments that were made regarding us only being shown the house from the landscape. So as well as looking at the interior, think about how the landscape if framed by it, looked out at from it. Looking at the interior offers an interesting opportunity to look at scales of home making which will help bring the scale in from the external from the landscape perspective that you currently have.

    Alo for the time drawing, think more about how you can show the timeline of this concept of progression and change that you are working with. We talked about a spiral rather than a circle, but look at the time drawings posted on the blog and the ‘Cartographies of Time’ book if it is in the library. How can you draw a timeline that does not head towards finality but always to change?

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