Crit Feedbacks & Possible Future Scenarios in Dungeness

Works Presented:

Definition of  points and lines within proposal.

 AXO - Magnetic copyAXO - LINES copy     Rationalizing Proposal copy

proposal copy


Look into the role of EDF Energy in re-planning Dungeness

Look into how the closure of power station affect the landscape planning

List out the scenarios in future

Research on de-commissioned landscape

Extract what can be learnt from the landscape and relate to proposal

Works to be done:

Add in scenarios within timeline

Work more on proposal by looking into relationship of EDF Energy, decommissioned landscape and the local community.

Rationalizing Proposal.

Look into precedent studies.

Works done so far:

I was looking into different scenarios that could possibly happen in Dungeness, identify the problem, and then proposing what could be done to improve the condition. As well as analyzing how beneficial it is for the different parties in Dungeness.

Scenario 1 copy

Scenario 2 copy

I’m currently more interested in looking into Scenario 1 which involves more community based proposals. But i’ll be thinking on the second scenario as well. As well as brainstorming on other possible different scenarios. Will be rationalizing the proposals furthermore for the next week.

2 thoughts on “Crit Feedbacks & Possible Future Scenarios in Dungeness

  1. Hi Germaine,
    Your presentation was much clearer that at the last crit and the drawings are really coming together to explain your research but the case to be put forward for the arbitrary acts on which Dungeness’ planning laws are based still needs to come through more clearly to show your critique of the existing condition and the role your new planning principles could take to ensure a more well-planned community.
    Looking into EDF’s role in the landscape is a great way forward – especially since it will help inform the direction in which your proposal develops – think about how you replan the community after the powerplant has been decommissioned. How can an understanding of electromagnetism help us replan the landscape to no longer focus on the power plant but instead on the next form of industry – and what do you define that as being?
    Looking at projects like Cedric Price’s Potteries Thinkbelt are interesting to draw up as case studies: or this; since it will help you understand how to replan a typology to be something other than what we expect – he rethought the university as something dynamic and limitless rather than constrained within a fixed building. In the same way, how can you replanning of Dungeness, alter our understanding of it, and make us find new meaning in the patterns you have observed through your analysis of points, lines and surfaces?
    Think of the terminology you use in talking about the project to help people understand the nature of Dungeness – Max had some good suggestions of describing it as a “decommissioned landscape” with certain “exclusion zones” and different “Stages of undoing” – use the changing role of EDF to inform the programme of your proposal that will operate as both a masterplan for the area as well as something at the architectural scale that should relate to your research and what is missing from the community currently (I don’t think its a coastal culinary centre). Be careful about generalising the “community” and their needs too much – its a common problem with architects that they build a generic community centre to bring the people together without understanding the specific demographic of that community or what they need. Is the on-site planning office what you propose? But not in a traditional sense but more through your understanding of electromagnetism and hidden forces in the landscape, as a sort of School of Alchemy, as suggested? Looking forward to seeing how it develops for Friday through the scenarios as well as through some drawn precedents. Think about the role time plays in your replanning of Dungeness. Your drawing of when buildings appeared in the landscape could be extended to show where your analysis stops and your speculation begins.

  2. Ive been looking into how various materials affect (or errode) others, and one of the interesting ones is how metal corrodes concrete. Its though an ‘Electrochemical recation’ when theres a difference in electrical protentail of metal incased in concrete. An elecromagnetic cell is created, one part of the metal becomes an anode, and another a cathode which are connected by an electrolyte. The electrolyte chloride solution that is created is typically a fluid. (It then rusts the metal more because of the imballance and higher concentration of salt).

    I wondered if you might find it useful as a metaphor for describing an action that you have suggested is in Dungeness or had looked into it.

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