Post crit — to do list

Comments from crit:

  • rethink the three paths
  • don’t be too sensitive on the design approach of the paths
  • curate the positions of the objects in space
  • pick a few objects and describe their story
  • the experience of space is missing
  • add scale on the maps
  • specify in design how much time the paths take
  • start points: curate the approach
  • check Isamu Noguchi’ s work on landscape


to do for next week:

  • start designing the paths (maybe re arrange them form three to two)
  • tell the stories for some of the objects
  • start curating the objects

One thought on “Post crit — to do list

  1. Look at Isamu Noguchi’s playscapes that Jess mentioned See the models and how this suggests a manipulation of the ground and therefore our movement across it. Think about how your paths will direct our experiencing of the objects, not just by leading us to them but through ditches, mounds, walls growing from the ground etc, there is potential to really curate when and how we see an object as we approach it – do you frame it in the distance? Hide it from us until the last moment? Recess the path into the ground so that you vary the placement of the objet in relation to eye level? Start working with a view other than plan to explore this and you can begin to create some quick views of how we might experience these paths and the discovery of the objects. You can do this quickly, experimenting with collage for example.

    We need to start being able to imagine what the encountering of these objects is like. Being able to visualise this will help in tandem with developing the stories. I just came across these drawings which have quite a magical sense of discovery through them, a bit like an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ experience These could suggest a really nice strategy to show the encounter with the objects and how the stories are revealed.

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