SPIRAL Time-Based Drawing

This week’s progress drawings:

The feedback from the last crit was that all my drawings seem to be from the same angle/ view. I have started some interior images of the cottage.


Feedback: If this is an interior view from Derek’s perspective (human scale) then it needs to be more zoomed in.

Missing drawings from portfolio showing how the redstart nests within the house. Drawings show which parts of the house are most important to the bird.

Detail_01 Base-Detail_roof-01 Detail_03

Feedback: Make this drawing big, annotated nicely and on its own page. Detail_02

To do this week:

  • SPIRAL DRAWING: Now I understand how to begin this drawing I can give it a go. I think this will take quite a long time but I can see how much I can get done this week. This drawing is integral to the story of my design to show from the outset of my presentation.
  • MODEL MAKING: For the model making workshop I am going to begin some Rachel Whiteread style models, casting the most important parts of the cottage for each protagonist to ‘preserve’ them in time. I have already started modelling the moulds for these to be CNC’ed from polystrene foam.

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