Week Four Development

After and exhausting week prepping for RIBA validation I had a good chat about where I am now:

Todo by the 28th March


  • Make some edits to Act Drawings (line type, annotation etc)
  • Change to Time based drawing (Single Shingle Journey)
  • Prepare concept for Time panorama (exploring beyond the Dunsonia board below)
  • Finish editing new book format – each act referred to in a separate¬†style – Act 1 (EDF/Technical), Act 2 (community/life narrative), (Act 3/ natural process the small and the large)
  • Make a page comparing New Towns and “New Dungeness”
  • Line up acts to draw out the middle point for each (act 1 to act 2)
  • Left over drawing (what bits never move, which bits do) – simple diagrammatic
  • Finish the ISE Shrine page¬†which connects to the Lieb house principles of retaining identity/sacredness and connection of a site with a building


  • Structural type for Staging post facility (beyond that of the lighthouse)
  • Frame around the light house which both acts as a support structure for its relocation but also as a structure from which space can be created.
  • Look at vernacular application of shingle, possible inclusion of material in structure (aggregate etc) or… Pebble dashed facades :O

See below images presented on Friday:


170216_Time_based2 170216_Time_based3 170216_Time_based4 170216_Time_based5 170216_Time_based6 170216_Time_based

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