Tutorial Summary and Model Making Progress

Tutorial Summary

Spiral rime-based drawing:

  • too photographic
  • draw instead of collage
  • spiral is too standard and controlled
  • maybe try a one point perspective
  • look back on the blog at time-base drawing examples
  • be in control of the spiral
  • the spiral is a line along which  change occurs

Model Making

  • Fisherman’s hut voids: foam is not releasing from the plaster- call Tiranti to ask about release agents IMG_8891
  • Rachel Whiteread- bedroom model- do a test to see if the plywood releases from the plaster. Net_01_Make2D_Modeldrawing-01IMG_8894 IMG_8896

To do:

  • Think about the garden and the landscape’s role in the project. What is the architectural intervention guided by these protagonists?
  • Go back to Derek’s principles. Find obsolete structures in Dungeness- abstract Derek’s strategy
  • Preserve the most important thing to each protagonist through casting. How does the surrounding architectural space amplify this experience?
  • Bird and Derek- negative casts, e.g. Rachel Whiteread. Garden/ landscape could be positive casts- e.g. bronze maps London, found objects embedded into cast

Drawing Scales:

  • Bird- 1:2
  • Derek- 1:20
  • Garden 1:200
  • Dungeness 1:2000


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