I have focused this week on preparing some precedents and how they effect an outcome an architectural outcome. They have been modified since the tutorial to better reflect that they are part of the process that influences the conclusion.  I still intend to conclude each precedent section (1. Jarman 2. Artist. 3. Romania) and how they influence the future of the project.



170301_DetailInformsLandscape19 170301_DetailInformsLandscape21 170301_DetailInformsLandscape20  170301_DetailInformsLandscape22


170301_DetailInformsLandscape29 170301_DetailInformsLandscape28170301_DetailInformsLandscape27 170301_DetailInformsLandscape26


170301_DetailInformsLandscape32170301_DetailInformsLandscape33 170301_DetailInformsLandscape34


Whilst in Dungeness I will focus on the ares where i think any type of intervention i might do will happen (likely infront of Prospect cottage and around the Containers). I will also assit in collecting data about building uses.

My focus in the lead up to the tutorial on Tuesday will be about model making.

I will produce ome plans for laser cutting and also prepare to perform some experiments with the 3 venacular materials as well as some other materials that may create interesting effects to decay.

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