Staged Life – Synecdoche, New York/Dungeness

After watching Charlie Kaufman’s “Synecdoche, New York,” for the second time, I just about understood the multiple narratives of the protagonist over the course of the movie.

When I watch the movie the first time (and probably why I didn’t full understand) I sketched some crappy vignettes of parts of the central act and little moments that I felt we’re  important to the development of the stage set itself.


Book_sketch_Page_1 Book_sketch_Page_2

I felt the movie had 3 main scales; the Director (Caden), the stage and the city/second stage. Similar to this Dungeness has 3 scales; The Lighthouse tower/office, the staging post (Holding for shingle/homes/buildings), Dungeness (stage set for the acts).


170212_Portfolio_Islands_SPREAD_Page_14170212_Portfolio_Islands_SPREAD_Page_15  170212_Portfolio_Islands_SPREAD_Page_16


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