Structures and Technology Tutorial

As explained to Ed and Francesco, I have four protagonists and for each of the protagonists I will be exploring/ representing the site at different scales e.g. Derek 1:20, Redstart 1:2, Garden 1:200, Dungeness landscape 1:2000. At the moment the design is progressing through model making. I am exploring the possibilities of preserving the most important aspect of the house/ landscape to each protagonist.


Through the Eyes of Derek Jarman: Representational Scale 1:20

  • Preservation of Derek’s bedroom as his most important space
  • Rachel Whiteread style models- form-work completed
  • Does the material have to be concrete?? – look at Do-ho-such exhibition- different way of casting volumes in this instance using a delicate material to show mass.
  • Drawing to show DJ’s bedroom casting sequence
  • Drawing to show disassembly of room- and reassembly?- what is the methodology of taking the house apart?
  • Neues museum collaboration between Julian Harrap and David Chipperfield
  • Drawing to show creation of framework- in-situ casting? How does Rachel Whiteread do it?
  • Decide upon casting material and scale of cast
  • Concrete research- aggregate? Size, colour? Cement colour? Vibration settling? Finshes- sandblast, acid etch/ wash? jack- hammer, retardants.Structurestechnology_Tutorial-1


Through the Eyes of the Black Redstart: Representational Scale 1:2

  • What size in reality?
  • Is it experienced at a human scale?
  • What is an appropriate material?
  • What is the construction sequence and structure?Structurestechnology_Tutorial-2



Through the Eyes of Derek Jarman’s Garden: Representational Scale 1:200 Structurestechnology_Tutorial-3



Through the Eyes of Dungeness’ Landscape: Representational Scale 1:2000Structurestechnology_Tutorial-4


Tutorial notes and sketches by Ed:

Scan_Helen Allsopp (15022608)_20170307-124646_4831_001Scan_Helen Allsopp (15022608)_20170307-124619_4830_001Scan_Helen Allsopp (15022608)_20170307-124646_4831_001

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