3 typologies of camera-homes

At the moment, imma :

> Reinforce my storyboard + narrative

To not lose sight of the vision/conception of my project, a storyline is good to tie my work to the main spine.  For resource efficiency, I envision my end goal and now work backwards, filling in gaps in the early phases of my project to reinforce the concept. Also, improve my precedent analysis to show better connection to my own proposals –

  • British Pavilion – concept of duration and exposure – physical space and territory expands with longer periods of stay
  • Soane Museum – reflection/distortion of spatial image using mirrors and materials, each room is a sensing camera space
  • Murphy House & Koolhaas maison bordeaux & Olson Kundig houses – camera-like domestic home components and spatial quality >> Operation of camera relates to domestic activities of the residents and food business of the fish shack & Duration of each activity relates to exposure in the camera
  • James Turell Roden crater – nature-powered camera obscura – camera is a home to the landscape, spatial qualities of the camera – colors and textures of walls

> Reflect and act on technology of 3 types of camera :

For each camera, imma do :

  • 1:20/1:50 working models with operational mechanisms with test photographic prints on a variety of materials (timber, glass, canvas, masonry, shingles, metal)
  • 1:50/1:100 performative drawings – axonometric plan and section
  • 1:2/1:5 construction detail drawings of mechanisms – gotta show some quality practical masters-level construction knowledge
  • atmospheric rendering of interior space to show spatial quality and interaction between object and occupant
  • test various sensitivity degrees of cyanotype and silver nitrate photographic emulsions on materials

Some notes from my productive tutorials with the technology tutors,

Scan_Pei Song (15022536)_20170310-141015_0788_004 Scan_Pei Song (15022536)_20170310-141015_0788_005  Scan_Pei Song (15022536)_20170310-141015_0788_006


Scan_Pei Song (15022536)_20170310-141015_0788_001Scan_Pei Song (15022536)_20170310-141015_0788_002


Currently, i’m exploring several lightweight mechanical systems + materials for ma lighthouse camera and mobile camera:

  1. Pulley system to elevate each chamber in the lighthouse camera – which means an exposed frame structure is needed to support the pulley system
  2. Hydraulic/Pneumatic jacks embedded in the walls – the koolhaas house has a hydraulic floor – needs extra space for the jack and may be heavy due to mass of water/oil
  3. Mechanical cranks operated by racks & gears or sliders – i like this
  4. Screw & ball bearings – chamber rotates like a screw to elevate

Scan_Pei Song (15022536)_20170310-144420_0789_001Scan_Pei Song (15022536)_20170310-144420_0789_002  Scan_Pei Song (15022536)_20170310-141015_0788_009 Scan_Pei Song (15022536)_20170310-141015_0788_010


A big picture is CRUCIAL to show the functional relation of each camera to each other and to the landscape. I am thinking of a 1:5000/1:2000 site model with ma cute little cameras placed on it (looks like a gameboard)

Alrite, back to work


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