Mobile Architecture

For the previous weeks I have been looking into the development of the programme storyline as well as architecture in relation to the existing conditions in Dungeness


Followed by the zoning and train line patterns within Dungeness. Different railway pockets are created based on the location that suits the activity most. Further drawings will be done to explain the lines that connects back to the existing British Railway line as well as how the lines retraces the old railway lines.Model


3 transfer areas are identified based on the need of the location. [ Drawings to explain location of transfer area to be done]

Railway Pockets are designed to enable different individual carriages to stopby at the side and link up with a different carriages without affecting the continuous line.

I was also looking into the possible the pattern of railway line that best suits Dungeness as a through station as well as to cater for the need of the carriage owners to load and unload goods into their carriages.

Possibility of using tram tracks for the railway is looked into so that to enable possibility of dual use of cars and train on the road.

main transfer station 2

With the aim to create flexible and convertible spaces where different carriages can be linked up. The possible system to allow dynamic changes to happen within the shell of the carriage is looked into.


Platform Carriages 2


The main feedback from the technical tutorial was to take note of

  • the railway gauge size in relation to the limitation of the size of the carriage. to ensure the balance of the carriages
  • the balancing of the carriages once the pivot doors are opened. [so that the carriages will not topple over]
  • Possibility of the ribcage construction for the carriage was suggested
    • to look into airplane design
    • train/caravan/car design
  • Possibility of construction of carriage using sip panel

Further on to this I have been looking on the different live/work typologies that was researched by Frances Holliss.  Will be drawing up the work as well as referring it to the spaces within the carriages.


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