Underground spaces for them

User specific underground spaces:

User 1: Tourists who stay in Dungeness for a short duration. (Second homes)
Underground functions:
-Spa treatment
-Alternative sleeping chamber

user function 2Precedent studies:
1. The Moleman – William Lyttle, 79, who has unusual burrowing habits spent 40 years hollowing out a web of tunnels and caverns under his house.

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2. French artist living in a rock – Abraham Poincheval was entombed inside a 12-tonne rock for a week to experience what it is like to live inside an enclosed object.

Inspiration from precedents to project:
Some people enjoy solitary existence, whether for a short or long duration just to spend time with themselves and experience moments without interruption.
The underground spaces for tourists (short duration user) allow them to release tension, rest, meditate in a hidden yet not totally confined space where they are still able to experience touch, sight and sound senses.


User 2: Permanent residents (First homes)
Underground functions:
-Spa treatment
-Working studio for artist
-Fun room
-Shouting room
-Running room

user function 1

Precedent studies:
1. Olafur Eliasson: RIVERBED – The Danish-Icelandic artist recreates an enchanting landscape with riverbed and rocky earth in the indoor exhibition, blurring the boundaries between the Natural world and the Man made.


Inspiration from precedents to project:
The underground spaces could blurred into the above ground spaces to soften the boundaries between above and underground to make them exist as one large structure. The house structure will then serve as a decoy which could contain larger spaces than people expect.

Permanent residents would spend more time in their houses. The underground spaces could be larger and more complex to allow some excitement for users’ everyday’s life.


To do:

I will work on doing a catalog of different functions of spaces, with expected experience in each underground chamber and refine the section drawings.


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