After Tutorial Thoughts – ‘The end is not the end’

I need to try not to lose sight of what my project is!

Project Synopsis (WHY?): 

  • Derek Jarman came to Dungeness to come to terms with the end of his life. Why then, should Prospect Cottage be preserved in the state that he left it. The preserved state of Prospect Cottage is not true to Jarman’s legacy.
  • How can Prospect Cottage be designed to accept the end of each stage. Remembering that the end points are generative of new opportunities.
  • Nature progresses the cottage to a continuous state of change- how can this progression be accelerated or slowed down to suit the needs of each protagonist?
  • The design interventions are concerning addition as well as subtraction- analysing how each occupier might make the space their own.
  • The project is a critical and visual reflection of attitudes towards change, lifespan, and time- highlighting the transfers of ownership within architecture.
  • The design development is the consideration of how I as the architect can control TIME.
  • Remember- the end of each life- cycle is not the end.

How do I progress?

  • What do I do as the architect to make the cottage suitable for the occupation of the bird, garden, landscape.
  • Make decisions concerning time- how long does it take for the cottage to decay to for the preferred state for each protagonist? – draw a timeline of phases
  • Landscape- begin with Prospect Cottage in isolation- show how the detritus begins to infiltrate the landscape.
  • Keep adding to and developing spiral time based drawing. – then begin to modify the spiral according to time.- Thin about what happens in the in-between phases.

This week:

  • Outline a time span for each phase- make decisions concerning time.
  • For now have a diagrammatic version of the spiral time based drawing- to help explain whole project.
  • Begin to design and control time using the existing prospect house model.- start with the phase of the bird- how can these spaces in the house be designed/ artificially decayed to suit the needs of the bird.
  • Keep adding to the spiral drawing.
  • Finish models- pour plaster- prepare landscape model.
  • This weekend- keep up with formatting portfolio.

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