Actions for week before Cross Crit


Project storyboard/ framework showing continual state of change from the occupation of Derek to the infiltration by the landscape. Each bullet point becomes a design stage/ stage of decay that I act upon as the architect.Continual State of Change

As a result of this I have neem thinking about how to structure my portfolio. Previously I have taked about it being represented through 4 different books (1 for each protagonist) but I think that in order to show the continual state of change the portfolio needs to be read as one complete book (with larger more important drawings printed and packaged seperately).

I have been thinking about the chapters in my portfolio and how this should also comply with the spiral framework, showing how each action or intervention inspires the the next.

Prelimianry portfolio contents is as follows:


  • Dungeness Introduction (Brian Dillon)
  • Decay in Dungeness
  • Voids in Dungeness
  • Dungeness Map of Experience
  • Introducing Dungeness’ Mascots:
  • Derek Jarman
  • The Black Redstart
  • Jarman’s Garden
  • The Landscape
  • Seeing Differently- 4 Perspectives
  • Spiral Timeline of 4 Mascots
  • Derek’s Principles
  • Redstart’s Principles
  • Garden Principles
  • Landscape Principles
  • Prospect Cottage- How was it Left? Assert my position. Is preservation of the cottage true to the legacy of Derek Jarman?
  • Initial Spiral Drawing- Continual State of Change

DEREK (Existing)

Existing Analysis of Cottage and Landscape

  • Seeing Through the Eyes of Jarman- Human Scale
  • Cold Dark Matter- Explosion of Derek’s Life in Dungeness
  • Derek/ Redstart- Dual occupation of Cottage?
  • Prospect Cottage- Existing Structural Analysis
  • TECH Prospect Cottage- Component Parts – Todd McLellan
  • TECH Disassembly Process
  • Derek’s Inhabitation of Cottage
  • The Spring Room
  • Ideal State for Derek (Existing before Derek’s death) – Plans, Sections Elevations (1:20)
  • Pharmacopeia

1994- DEREK LEAVES (Decay Phase 1)

  • Rate of natural decay- Component Parts
  • TECH Precedent- Rachel Whiteread— Casting House
  • TECH- Concrete Material Research
  • Casting the Spring Room- Preserving Derek’s Legacy
  • TECH Accelerating Decay
  • TECH Preservation Techniques (Transylvania)
  • TECH Decaying material Analysis- Todd McLellan
  • TECH How do structures decay/ fail in Dungeness? e.g Fisherman’s Hut
  • Precedent- Gordon Matta Clarke- Splitting, Conical Intersect
  • TECH Splitting Prospect Cottage
  • Decay Stages 1 -3

…House no longer belongs to Derek

2014- REDSTART (Design Phase 1)

  • Redstart Existing Habitat Dungness
  • Seeing through the Eyes of the Redstart (Close-Up Scale)
  • Nest Construction – Precedent Transylvania
  • Precedent- Fisherman’s Cottage
  • Defining a Territory- What parts of the house are important to the Redstart?
  • Gordon Matta Clarke – Splitting four corners
  • Redstart bedroom details
  • Decision Making- nest decision detail
  • Perception of Materials- Photogrammetry
  • Perception of Voids- Model Making and Interior Views of Nest
  • Nest Construction Detail- addition to nest 1:2
  • Ideal State for Redstart- Plans, Sections, Elevations (1:2)

2034-  REDSTART LEAVES (Accidental spaces formed by nature)  (Decay Phase 2)

  • Disassembly of parts un-used by the redstart
  • What structures are left behind?

… House no longer belongs to the Redstart

2034- GARDEN (Design Phase 2)

  • Beach combing for treasures- Parts of Structure/ objects left behind
  • Reassembly of objects/ structures
  • Garden haunted by Derek’s Principles
  • Unexpected Successes of new structures

2040 Garden Infiltrates into Landscape (Decay phase 3)

  • TBC

2040 Onwards- Landscape Infiltrates Dungeness (Design Phase 3)

  • TBC


Actions for this week:

  • For Each design intervention/ natural act of decay (10 iterations so far) I have exported a view that best displays the architectural intent.
  • Draw over each view showing how decay infiltrates the structure/ landscape- scan drawing frequently
  • Each of these views will eventually form the final spiral drawing encompassing the whole proposal
  • Select 5-10 drawing that best explain my project and show what stage I’m at now to present at cross crit- and then think about how to concisely explain my project (5mins)

Work in progress drawing views (original size A2):



Final drawing mock up (keep adding to this):



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