CarriageWorks for the Week

For this week I was looking into the story building as well as the different design possibilities for the railway carriages.

First of all, to show the lack of interaction between the communities of Dungeness. Where restaurants and fish mongers’ houses are the sole interaction point.


Followed by the configuration of the overall proposal where the movement carriages are controlled by the control room. Yet, individual carriages has the freedom to choose where they would like to stop.

Railway Track Scenario

A variety of vignettes illustrating the principles of the formation of railway track will be drawn up for the cross crit.

Next drawing showing the evening view of the carriages where all carriages are not allowed to stop along the main line but only along the railway pockets.

Railway Track Evening copy

I was looking into different typologies that serves different user groups for the carriages. (Yet to be further improvised)

Typologies copy

And the relationship between 2 carriages when they are connected. (Artist + Artist)

Plan 1

As well as connection with existing houses. (fisherman + artist)

Plan 2


Will be looking into further possibilities of utilising the external spaces of the carriages when combined.

Model below is the exploration studies done to look into possibilities of the external spaces between combined carriages.

Model 1 Model 5

For next week’s crit, I’ll be working on the further possibilities of creating new spaces when the carriages are connected rather than as a mere circulation space.

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