Underground functions and constructions

Functions of the underground chambers:



Construction method:

I decided to use my initial ‘locomotion’ construction method, instead of the modular casting method (which I blogged last week), given that my project was inspired by how animals create their burrows, to bring the animal architecture into human architecture.

User 1 (Visitors homes)

Construction sequences:
1. Gelatine is used to solidify a small part of shingles from ground surface.
(yellow bits in the gif. diagram)
2. Once the shingles are solidified, concrete is injected on the solidified shingles.
(black outer layer of the burrow in the gif. diagram)
3. The solidified shingles are then washed away using sea water (salt water), forming a void made of concrete.
4. Step 1-3 are repeated until a desired chamber size is achieved.


user 1 gif

user 1

User 2 ( Residents homes)

Construction sequences:
1-4: The same as User 1.
5. The unused shingles from underground are piled up on ground to cast above ground void (cave-like space), blurring the boundary between underground and above ground.

user 2 gif

user 2

-There are few missing parts of the construction sequence, such as the casting of concrete and the finishing surface of each chamber. Will refine and complete the drawing.
-To start thinking how to make a physical model that would best show/express the underground spatial quality.
-The current 2D section drawings show limited details of the underground space. I will start doing different kind of drawings (exploded drawing / axonometric drawing) to show more interior detail of the underground chambers.


2 thoughts on “Underground functions and constructions

  1. Some references for underground homes/bunkers/isolation rooms:

    Has articles about underground survivalist structures. There seems to be some interest within the self-sufficiency/off-grid/survivalist movement in underground homes.

    -Search Google for ‘Converted Cold War Missile Silos’. There appears to be a growing industry catering to people’s increased paranoia at the moment. There was a video on the BBC news website recently too.

    -‘Altered States’. A Ken Russell film with William Hurt. Very strange! About a scientist’s quest to achieve an altered state of consciousness via isolation tanks and hallucinogens.

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