Integration drawings checklist – Acts of Construction

Ed/Charles list of drawings for portfolio has a range of requirements which will require quite a lot of time and consideration, fortunately I have a project which transcends multiple scales and should allow a number of interesting drawing to be completed.

Below is a list of requirements and how I intend to answer them:



Show structural frame

  • 2 drawings of Staging Post (SP) tension hung frame and Groin (G) frame

Show structural frame connections

  •  Connecting of primary structure to secondary in staging post. 

Show load paths

  •  for both SP and G drawings in section, simple line drawing with load directions 

Show Resistance to forces

  • Tension model? 
  • Shingle density


Further drawings

  • Shingle settlement drawings
  • foundation (raft) investigations
  • Propping investigation
  • Axo construction
  • Reusable, demountable building




1:20 section through part of scheme, ideally including some of the parts you are detailing

  • Groin/shingle would be best showing platform, foundation and existing structure.
  • Platform showing “plug and play” services connection; fresh water, drainage, electircal (PV), heating (gas bottles/solar hotwater)

5 details (approx 1:5) of the interesting parts of your scheme

  • structural joins
  • cable connections
  • Floor/structural base connecting with platform

At least one of the details should be from inside to outside

  • Staging post section

At least two of the details should be in three dimensions

  • Groin/Platform
  • Tension cables
  • Facade panels (3D shingle scan mounted on facade)

At least two of the details must show material qualities of the scheme (external and internal)

  • need some clarification on this…




Site environment drawing

  • site analysis drawing…. easyyyyyyy

Thermal environment: show summer and winter conditions: sunlight, ventilation, temperature.

  • natural ventilation design and site arrangement for houses
  • Show how platforms offer an enclosure for shingle space (maybe some thermal load stuff?)

Lighting: show daytime (natural light) and night time (artificial light)

  • Daylight analysis is simple enough but it has very little baring on the general direction of the project.

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