Final Tutes

In response to lask week’s feedback from the crit:

1.) It was not clear from what I showed last week what was existing and what I have altered as the architect. This exploded drawing shows what I propose as exisiting:


To do: Outline exactly what the materials are and how long they might take to decay. Maybe show the effects of the weather from one side of the drawing.


2.) What exactly are the architectural interventions? This storyboard shows an isometric thumbnail of the house at each scale:


To do: Add annotation and arrows describing what the action was to get to each stage and how long it took.


3.) Define what is architectural intervention and what is passive decay? This exploded drawing shows what exactly is subtracted from the building at each stage define whether it is caused by architectural intervention or passive decay:


To do: Maybe this could be a really big drawing which expands not only vertically to show time but horizontally to show how the design is affected.

4.) Technology: Support structure options for supporting the ruin in its ideal state:


5.) Interior images showing what it is like to be inside. (Mock up renders for now, but will be drawn over)




  • NEED to move away from the landscape and think about the nest two stages: the garden and the landscape
  • Garden: think about previous 4 phases, debris
  • Landscape: beyond the politeness of the garden, a big leap in scale
  • Infect another site with the same processes
  • Can detritus reach a Derek stage house
  • In the Viva pre-empt the question- ‘Who is the user?’ by stating that the project is a critique on the way in which the cottage has been preserved. The house is tied to someone’s identity and therefore it should reflect the legacy of them.
  • The 4 protagonists or ‘architects’ have ownership over the site at different stages.


To do this week:


  • Put together a list of drawings for final submission, including technology integration
  • Draw neighbouring buildings and site allocated to garden and landscape
  • Start to design garden and landscape interventions
  • Make developments to three drawings as explained above
  • Begin to draw technology diagrams to show decisions made for each intervention- this will be an overlay for the isometric thumbnail drawing.
  • Diassembly drawings?


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