Journey of a Memory

From the previous crit and tutorial, I have made a journey of the memory based on my own personal memory of Dungeness. I dissected my own memory of Dungeness and see how memories flow. What I found out is that memory is mostly formed through association. That is why few of the memory strengthening methods include acronyms and word association; our brain works best if it associates a certain sensory experience with another similar one. Also, this is the reason why false memory occurs. I have drawn up a mind map of what I remember about Dungeness, as well as sensory experience involved, how each element of the memory connect with each other and the description of each memory in terms of the sensory experience obtained.

journey of a memory

This will be the basis of my program, on how to extract memories from a person – association.

Also, from an article (click here), it was recently discovered that memories are not formed in a linear method; where the sensory experiences go to the hippocampus before sending off to the cortex and long term memories are made by strengthening the short term memories. However, memories are formed both in the hippocampus and cortex simultaneously.

This hasĀ altered the flow of the proposed program, where I looked into shadow puppetry which has two different zones of production and the screen works as the medium of communication. It became the core of how the trigger and extract process can happen – while one has their memories extracted, another party from another screen will also create the memorabilia based from the extracted memories simultaneously.

In terms of design, I took the advice of being more playful with the spaces. It is still a work in progress, however, the main idea is that 3 blocks will have the 3 main phases; trigger, extract, store.

Screenshot 2017-04-21 21.58.27

Works done// in progress:

  1. Booklet of precedents (including the latest precedents of Surrealist artworks and ritualistic architecture
  2. Designing the spaces experienced by users in the archive.
  3. Draw out the journey of the memory.
  4. Researching in glass architecture, structures for tech.


Next steps:

  1. Take the journey of a memory even further by adding details and associations, as well as take another journey of a memory to investigate how memory is highly related to association.
  2. Create a 200mm x 200mm x 200mm memorabilia based on the journey of the both memories.
  3. Draw up the findings in finer detail.

One thought on “Journey of a Memory

  1. Hi Faez,
    I’m glad that the BBC article helped with your progress. The drawing of your memories in Dungeness is also a good way in to the site and the project but it needs to be spatial. Even if you mapped the diagram above onto a site plan of Dungeness to show where these memories were made it would start to become more architectural and a nice way to take an architectural drawing and apply it to your project specifically. Every memory in addition to be associated with a particular sense should be associated with a particular place, material or quality of the site and this should come through immediately. The diagram becomes so much more meaningful then.
    This site plan can then be translated into the design of your project. i.e. your spaces for triggering, extracting and storing (and I would add a 4th space for re-experiencing – since isn’t a big part of your project is allowing visitors to experience other people’s memories?) I don’t want to just see a diagram of a journey of a memory – Instead, you should take a specific memory (one of the memories mentioned above) and track how it is triggered, extracted, stored and re-experienced so that we can all understand how the architecture contributes to this process.
    The new design you have posted looks exciting and you seem to be having more fun with it – some drawings to show what is existing, adapted and proposed would be useful for both tech and the portfolio to show us where you have intervened to add new structures and how you have re-used the existing. Also think about how to present this project to take your audience inside this experience – take them on the journey of a memory so that they really understand how your project works and its relevance to experiencing and understanding or even remembering Dungeness. Good luck and keep going!

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