I Have been preparing a structural system which  I believe to follow the decaying principles that I have investigated, as well as defining how the objects in the landscape which become the basis of the ruins are defined and placed.

The following is an acount of the strategy.

170417_BuildingStagesStitch 170417_BuildingStagesStitch2 170417_BuildingStagesStitch3 170417_BuildingStagesStitch4  170417_BuildingStagesStitch5


The way the modules are constructed and their connections are also detailed. I will focus my technical attention on drawing how the ‘memory objects’ whos oneption is drawn above connect with the structure that is intended to decay.


I will now focus on the decaying process and how it effects the structure in drawings. as well as the following:

  • Details of junctions over time
  • Images of the structure in its various stages of life
  • Finalise and record the material experiments

One thought on “Lewis_FinalTutorial

  1. Hi Lewis,
    The strategy drawings are great to see in terms of how they are informed by site conditions, view corridors and architectural processes. It would be useful to name each stage (page titles shouldn’t be the same for every one) according to what’s happening in each stage and to introduce a way to show time to measure the duration of each stage. This could also be a useful way to add continuity across these pages, through a unifying time scale?
    Do you have more drawings of the proposed building as a barometer for this changing landscape? it would be useful to do a set of drawings similar to the strategy set where the page could be divided to show changes at the building scale (on one half of the page) and how that reflects changes at the landscape scale (on the other half of the page).
    I understand that you’ve focused on tech for tutorials on Tuesday but do you have any new drawings of the programme? Showing how decay relates to seasonal programmes/ the market emerging as a typology across the site? Looking forward to seeing how it develops. Remember that the concept has to be developed alongside the tech. Good luck!

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