Repurposing Roof Space

I’ve been figuring out what exactly the roof spaces could be used for and decided upon a selection of public parks, sports grounds, allotments and then drawing the water in at several points and creating a waterfall over two of the larger buildings…

I’ve then focused upon one of the buildings to draw up in more detail. This is building 01 which would be an allotment. Water would be channelled up and over the building, embracing it as a key feature and protagonist, that could when desalinised (unless you planted plants that like salt water) to¬†water plants.¬†Floating platforms using the same technology and design as the causeways would be provided at either end for mooring, as well as stairs to allow access at whatever water level.


2 thoughts on “Repurposing Roof Space

  1. Hi Anna,
    Nice to see these drawings coming along. Your roof plans remind me a bit of Isamu Noguchi’s playscapes: or these amazing landscape drawings by Brazilian architect Roberto Burle Marx:
    The third drawing you have posted is a bit confusing since its hard to tell where the blue means water and where the water level lies. I like the idea of different types of public spaces on the rooftops which would transform Dungeness where there is NO public space since the whole territory is privatised by EDF – show some views of these public space islands in the flooded condition and what introducing them will change about life in Dungeness. Its important to comment on this in your presentation as a way of introducing new types of spaces to the new flooded condition of Dungeness.
    This book by photographer Alex McLean documents the hidden roofscapes of New York and might be useful in thinking about how to differentiate the different roofs:
    Hope these references help develop your design – and keep going!

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