-Work Updates-

Hello! My current updates from the work:

At this moment i am finalizing the design of the building working on the specific views from the found objects. At the same time i am trying to finish all the research pages and that is what i want to show you today and ask some questions.

I decided not to bind my portfolio. It will be an A3 size but i will place the pages in a A3 box which i designed. I have attached a snapshot of the rhino file as i dont have the actual box yet. It will be wood laser cut.


The first pages of the portfolio ( put the pages together in order to be easier to see them all):










path analysis



path view

After these the master plan will follow , the drawings of the path and the building and the structure details. Although i have a problem with the scale of the master plan. i am planning to have most of the drawings on an A3 paper but some of them that will need to be on scale they will be folded.  The master plan scale of 1:1000 wont even fit on an A0 paper. Which scale would you recommend? aslo for the section of the building and plans? I was thinking 1:200.



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  1. Hi Mary,
    The research sheets look like they are coming together and all have a consistent graphic language that matches your project. Remember to include precedents and case studies that will help us to understand your project and re-draw them using the same graphic language (Don’t rely solely on photographs). Give them each one page and highlight the aspect that is most relevant to your project when redrawing them.
    The idea for a box with a loose portfolio sounds good – think about how you will construct it and if you will have a mock-up version for the crit and work on the final in between the crit and the hand-in? Also think about how you will bring a selection of found objects to the crit/ viva – are they in a similar box, labelled and catalogued? Critics respond well to a models and objects so make sure to include some 3-dimensional elements to bring the project to life.
    In terms of your masterplan drawing, it seems strange that it won’t fit on an A0 at 1:1000 but if that’s the case then think about deleting some areas without much going on and bringing the furthest edge closer in with dotted lines to show how much your have erased? Alternatively you could do a small key plan with an overview and then zoom in to different areas of the masterplan? Its important if you have an A3 portfolio to have fold out sheets to show bigger and more important drawings and also smaller booklets so that there is some hierarchy in the portfolio. Think about which ones you fold out and which you make into booklets and how you space them throughout the portfolio.
    Looking forward to seeing how it all develops, especially the building informed by the views of the found objects – make sure you do a whole series of drawings explaining how the design is generated from the surrounding objects as well as its materiality informed by them in a subtle way. Then take us inside the building to experience the views out to the object and think about how you push this idea of an inside-out museum further. Good luck!

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