Rolling on Shingle

I’ve been looking into different scenarios that could benefit the most out from my proposal. And the possible scenarios that could cover all different building scales and user groups.

Scenario 1 – Tourist and Local

Scenario 1

Showing how pobble house as tourist living place interact with local communities.

Will work on the details and add people and stuff.

And also to show the alterations from plan view.



Scenario 2 – Locals Interactions


Scenario 2

Showing how the different groups of communities in dungeness could interact after the incorporation of this proposal. Communities ranges from food related to fisherman, working family and artists.

Again, further detailing needed as well.


Scenario 3 – Big Scale vs Small Scale

Dungeness Power station  + research pods + Pilot Inn + Snack Shack + Pleasant Cottage

Showing how EDF Energy could benefit from this proposal with collaboration with the local communities.


Drawings In progress:

  • timetable for mobile houses
  • key plan for train line

Yet to be done:

  • Rules to formation of train line
    • geomagnetic field is avoided.
  • Construction details to be included within axo drawings.
  • 1:100 model


Lets roll these on!

One thought on “Rolling on Shingle

  1. Hi Germaine,
    Great to see these drawings coming along and that the carriage-houses now retain more of their original character. The three scenarios are well-chosen and once you start to detail how they could connect (make sure its more substantial than through a platform but have elements fold out onto one another to merge the two programmes) we can see the unique new scenarios that your proposal facilitates. The series of plan view drawings showing the transformation of the existing are terrific and could go a step further to show how they now attach to another carriage and generate new programmes. You could also do a series for tech to show how the existing houses could be lifted up and put on to the rails. I’m really looking forward to seeing how these interactions between programmes and typologies develop to generate hyper-specific new scenarios and activities to bring together the different inhabitants of Dungeness. I think the largest scale at the level of the powerplant will be really important since it brings together the smallest unit (the snack shack) with the biggest building complex on site, alongside several others.
    The timetable drawing could also be very exciting to show your thinking in the permutations and combinations of these individual carriages – when they would exist individually and combined, and how many others they would link to over the course of a day, week or month? Don’t forget to think about how to frame your presentation around this new material – where do you insert the timetable? Scenarios? and details? Also don’t forget to draw up your precedents and present the key ones as part of your project so that everyone understands where this idea came from, you have great drawings of Potteries Thinkbelt so make sure you include those but also other precedents you have looked at that have informed your proposal.
    Also in terms of drawing these carriages and combined scenarios up in detail look at the work of Atelier Bow-Wow – the library should have this book: – the way they draw perspectives but annotate them with scenarios as well as material finishes etc. could be really useful as you develop these final project drawings. Good luck and keep going – looking forward to seeing the results!

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