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I have been continuing the previous set of drawings to show how I imagine the proposition to decay in the landscape and its effects on the landscape (please see previous post for clarity in the evolution of the project).

The first image is of the existing landscape using a mix of hatches that I have used previously in my man-made nature/ natural-man made drawings in addition to the Luis Callejas drawings that I have always been fond of.


The second image is of the landscape as I propose it to be as the maximum development condition. I intend to refine the floor areas of the proposed structures as a result of the local investigations that lead to determine in which place the needed building are required.


I have also prepared an adjacencies drawing to show some of the proposed uses so that I can adapt them to the memory object- meantime structure formula that I have created for the landscape. This drawing is at the end for clarity so as not to confuse the order of drawings.

The third image is the standard format of the sheets that I intend to continue with which demonstrates the evolution of a typical building using the standardised construction methodology, the landscape and at detail level.


From then on the drawings are work in progress drawings which I intend to annotate and draw the evolving landscape for.

170417_BuildingStagesStitch9 170417_BuildingStagesStitch10 170417_BuildingStagesStitch11 170417_BuildingStagesStitch12

Finally the last drawing is a speculative drawing of how a possible house structure that would replace the decayed meanwhile structure.


The Adjecencies diagrams:


My focus for the remaining days up to the final crit are demonstrating why I have chosen to place the buildings and why in the landscape (as a ecosystem), what the areas of these buildings are (so that they are not ‘the maximum developable area’) and completing the landscape drawings using the hatches to demonstrate each stage of decay [and renewal]. If i can I will make a model so that i can better demonstrate the changing dynamic of the example building plot.

One thought on “Lewis_Ruin & Landscape Progression

  1. Hi Lewis

    There is some good progress here. Your ‘development parameters’ sheet and sequential drawings are very clear in showing your manipulation of the design. What you should look to now is showing us these structures in use, so that we understand that they decay for inhabitation, rather than producing a state of decay that is post habitation (which would be the conventional expectation). There is an opportunity now to really bring the project to life throughout its timeline. If I am correct in thinking that you are still working towards a market, then now start to communicate that programme, and the temporal relationship that we talked about – the seasonality and cycle of the market and produce in relation to the progression of the decay. Think about the colour and abundance of a market and how this will set a vibrancy of life against the decay. There is an opportunity here to use that abundancy and freshness to affirm your transformation of our expectations of decay (generative rather than a trajectory towards erasure). For example, do the colours and textures of produce help your colours and textures of decay ‘pop’ so that they are something rich and sensory, rather than being associated with rot and expiry…

    Really looking forward to seeing the project come to life now!

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