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  1. HI Helen,
    This drawing looks great – I enjoyed reading through the different stages and I think the addition of the red elements really helps to clarify where you are intervening. The only things that might be worth thinking about with regards to this drawing, are whether you should make it more apparent where each lifecycle of ownership begins and ends? And then, if its a table of contents drawing, do you index other drawings that relate to each stage and explore those concepts in more detail below each stage? It depends on how you are labelling the pages – not sure if its needed but could be something to think about.
    I love how just by scanning across the page you see the singular house start to break up, and different parts start to take more importance depending on the protagonist or user, and then how it starts to decay, unfold and proliferate across the landscape.
    In the crit, I noticed that you need to work more on the explanation of your different techniques at each stage. NOT that you need to go into the four stages of each protagonist, but instead to explain how you are appropriating a process like Matta-Clark’s conical intersect and using it to strategically decay parts of the house for the black redstart – don’t assume we understand why you are doing this – use your work to explain why this technique? and why for this protagonist in particular? If you do this for each stage – we will understand your role as the architect – which is also definitely communicated in this drawing so just make sure you communicate this clearly in the presentation as well. Draw our attention to the details, show us your models and how you retain the immediate environment of each protagonist before moving to the next lifecycle to simultaneously advocate for continuity and change. Great work and good luck with this final stretch!

  2. Hi Manijeh,

    Thanks for your feedback- I have just added new titles to the drawing so that it is clearer where each shift in ownership takes place. I have decided to design a book with all my research/ development ect and have labelled each chapter according to the timespan outlining the shift in ownership from one protagonist to the next e.g:

    Derek Jarman- 1994-2022
    The Black Redstart- 2023-2053
    The garden 2054-2090
    The landscape 2090 Onwards

    Then, within the book where there is a drawing of a particular intervention, I have added the thumbnails from the table of contents alongside the year in which this takes place. So it should all link together.

    Thanks again for your advice!

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